Our villains escape from the mayor’s manor as they are pursued by the town guard.

They find their way back to the Greasy Palm where Davick is waiting for them.

The book gives them clues to the other locations of the artifacts and they also tell Davick they have found a map piece to find Ruin’s egg.

Davick tells them he can no longer hide them and they should escape to Carnlee aboard their newly aquired ship the Sea Witch.

There they meet the foul-mouthed captain Gervis Stormbringer who will take them to Carnlee.

Edel also learns a lesson about calling names from the deckhand Richard through song.

DM – Kevin

John – Alunodas Garrasderuin, Elven monk

Blake – Juliet Starstorm, Dragonborn eldritch knight

Caleb – Gwendolyn Silverstone, Human druid

Shane – Alexander, Human bard

Oliver – Edel Belmont – half-dwarf paladin