Our “Heroes” emerge from the Shrine of the Raven Queen.

The are confronted by a group of Red Talon assassins.

They are offered a deal to join the Talons and give up their quest, but they refuse.

They are then confronted by the Red Talon enforcer Sish.

Sish offers them a better deal and Alexander accepts, handing over the Ring of Planes and the Ring of Finding.

Dougan, in disbelief attacks Sish and the party splits.

Some fall – others run.

Meet the new boss. Not the same as the old boss – and evil.

Kevin – DM

Special Guest and the DM of the Dungeons & Disorder Podcast, Leo, as Sish

John – Tivet the half-elf Rogue

Oliver – Veto the beastfolk barbarian

Caleb – Amanati half-elf warlock

Shane – Alexander human bard

Blake – Juliet Starstorm dragonborn fighter