We are off this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you all got to spend some quality time with family and friends.

I thought this was a great opportunity for a bonus episode to explain what happened in the aftermath of our villains’ visit to the Grass Isle.

I hope to do a lot more of these in the future to give you some context to what is going on in the story. Just because our adventurers aren’t in the scene – doesn’t mean the world stops turning.

If you are into that sort of thing I hope you enjoy it. If not – no worries – we will have a new episode out next week.

The Grass Isle arc was originally supposed to just be an episode or two to introduce the back story of one of the saviors – Borsch Bonebreaker and to give some flavor and foreshadow.

I also wanted to throw a moral quandry into our heroes path because that’s what us DM’s do.

To no one’s suprise they plowed through it, but I wasn’t expecting our dragonborn Juliet to attempted to do the right thing and expose the chief for this dishonor.

This is probably a good example of why you should ask, even a minor NPC’s name to get a feel of where loyalities lie.

If they had, Juliet would have known that the person she tried to expose the dishonorable chief to, was actually his brother.

So now we find ourselves at a clans meeting as the half orcs of the Grass Isle try to figure out who will be their next leader.