The Bracers of Vorne were created by the half elf conjurer Mage General Maxim Westhold.

Maxim was the commander of Vorne’s battlemages during the war with Ruin. Vorne is one of the oldest and proudest kingdoms of Sul-el.

When many countries and cities fell, Vorne stood proud against the onslaught of Ruin’s hordes. This was mainly because of the powerful and capable legions of battlemages employed by Vorne.

Maxim was said to not only be powerful in the arcane arts, but also a physically imposing mountain of a half elf, taking from his father’s human side. It is said Maxim used his war axe in battle as much as his planar and elemental allies.

Legend says Maxim was once in a desperate battle with a horde of goblins. His battlemages killed and his spells exhausted, he used his mighty will and enchanted bracers to summon a Pit Fiend to join the battle.

Without the proper preparation he was locked in a battle of wills with the demon and commanded it to destroy the horde. With axe and fiend he won the day, but nearly lost his life to the Pit Fiend deceptions before banishing it.

When the call came to gather the most powerful mages in the land to the Arcane Academy, he and 50 battlemages answered it. They were instrumental in a distraction that allowed the Savior to isolate Ruin on the field of battle and banish her.

Maxim returned home with 3 of the surviving battlemages as heros. A statue of Maxim still stands in front of the Vorne royal palace, magically protected to look the same as it did when it was created 3000 years ago.


Requirement: Must be able to cast 9th level spells.

  • Advantage on concentration checks
  • Cast all conjuration spells one level higher
  • Immune to charm, paralysation, immobilization and slow.
  • +1 AC (stacks with other magical enhancements)
  • Cast Ice Knife once per day
  • Cast Misty Step once per day
  • Cast Dimension Door once per day
  • Cast Gate once per week
  • Cast Banishment at 9th level – DC 25 once per year. Instead of targeting multiple creatures, the spell banishes the target permanently to the Abyssal plane. Must be able to cast 9th level wizard spells.


Ring of Planes
Taluviel Sulveina, one of The Saviors, forged this ring in the days before the final battle with the dread ancient dragon.
Amulet of Dominion
The Amulet of Dominion was created by the dwarven artificer and enchanter Yurel Ironstaff.
Helm of the Overwatch
The Helm of the Overwatch was created by the dragonborn diviner and Watcher of the North, Vora Icescale.
Girdle of Heroes
The Girdle of Heroes was created by one of the few half-orc wizards of any renown, the abjurer and Eldritch warrior, Borsh Bonebreaker, also called Borsh the Honor Scorched.
Blade of Reproach
The Blade of Reproach was created by the great human evoker, battlemage and in later years, court wizard of Gressen, Goaleth Tet.
Bracers of Vorne
The Bracers of Vorne were created by the half elf conjurer Mage General Maxim Westhold.
Veil of Shadow
The Veil of Shadow is a bracelet created by the powerful tiefling necromancer, Shar Shantain.
Staff of Sundering
The Staff of Sundering was created by the dark elf transmuter, Draxis The Dark.
Boots of Feydale
The boots of Feydale were created by the elven enchanter Elisian Silverbow.
Gambler’s Coin
The Gambler’s Coin was created by the powerful halfing diviner Merrick the Lucky.
Rod of Wonder
The Rod of Wonder is an artifact created by the human Wild Magic Wizard Lum the Mad. Legends say Lum was obsessed with probability and chaos.
Band of Mirrors
The Band of Mirrors was created by the powerful gnome illusionist Tanlin Sayer.