The Band of Mirrors was created by the powerful gnome illusionist Tanlin Sayer.

Tanlin was began his career as a tinkerer and artificer, but his impish side led him to illusion magic.

Not the least of which was playing tricks on his friends. It is said Tanlin ran away from home at the early age of 30 to study under Mankas the Great, the court wizard of Rivenrun. Mankas, being just a human died at the age of 65 and the responsibility for magically advisement fell to his most experienced apprentice, Tanlin.

Tanlin liked the new found responsibility and power and began to gather magical items and knowledge through the his new, powerful position.

It is rumored that Tanlin was such and introvert, that he actually never attended a council meeting in person. It’s said that he sent an illusion of himself to take notes. When the call came to gather the most powerful wizards in Sul-El to fight Ruin, Tanlin reluctantly agreed to represent Rivenrun.

After the battle Tanlin was shaken by the death and destruction and resigned his position as court magician. It’s said that he became a hermit and retreated to the hills to the east to live out his life in isolation and contemplation.


COMMAND WORD – “Hide” Once per day

  • Cast Mage armor
  • Cast Blur
  • All attacks against the wearer have disadvantage.


  • Cast Dream once per day
  • Cast Greater Invisibility once per day
  • Cast Major Image once per day
  • Cast Mislead once per day
  • Cast Simulacrum once per day
  • Cast Project Image once per day

Cast Banishment at 9th level – DC 25 once per year. Instead of targeting multiple creatures, the spell banishes the target permanently to the Abyssal plane. Must be able to cast 9th level wizard spells.


Ring of Planes
Taluviel Sulveina, one of The Saviors, forged this ring in the days before the final battle with the dread ancient dragon.
Amulet of Dominion
The Amulet of Dominion was created by the dwarven artificer and enchanter Yurel Ironstaff.
Helm of the Overwatch
The Helm of the Overwatch was created by the dragonborn diviner and Watcher of the North, Vora Icescale.
Girdle of Heroes
The Girdle of Heroes was created by one of the few half-orc wizards of any renown, the abjurer and Eldritch warrior, Borsh Bonebreaker, also called Borsh the Honor Scorched.
Blade of Reproach
The Blade of Reproach was created by the great human evoker, battlemage and in later years, court wizard of Gressen, Goaleth Tet.
Bracers of Vorne
The Bracers of Vorne were created by the half elf conjurer Mage General Maxim Westhold.
Veil of Shadow
The Veil of Shadow is a bracelet created by the powerful tiefling necromancer, Shar Shantain.
Staff of Sundering
The Staff of Sundering was created by the dark elf transmuter, Draxis The Dark.
Boots of Feydale
The boots of Feydale were created by the elven enchanter Elisian Silverbow.
Gambler’s Coin
The Gambler’s Coin was created by the powerful halfing diviner Merrick the Lucky.
Rod of Wonder
The Rod of Wonder is an artifact created by the human Wild Magic Wizard Lum the Mad. Legends say Lum was obsessed with probability and chaos.
Band of Mirrors
The Band of Mirrors was created by the powerful gnome illusionist Tanlin Sayer.