The Veil of Shadow is a bracelet created by the powerful tiefling necromancer, Shar Shantain.

Shar’s quest to control life and death began when, at the age of 5, her mother and father were killed by a particularly nasty band of racist bandits when moving from their home of Blackmarsh to the capital city of Stonepoint.

She survived by hiding in a hollow log and watching the murder of her parents. She stayed with their corpses, crying, for 3 days before gathering what food that wasn’t stolen and walking the 20 remain leagues to the city.

Once there she lived on the streets for weeks until she was taken in by and orphanage. One day a man in a dark cloak came to the orphanage looking to adopt a child. He asked each orphan, “What would you do to see your parents again.” One by one the children said “anything,” until he got to Shar.

She looked into the man’s eyes and said, “I would find every last bandit that took my parents from me. I would kill everyone they ever loved in front of them. I would make them beg before slitting their throats. I would burn every last trace that they ever existed. I would defile their bodies and curse them to walk Sul-el for eternity as a soulless husk.”

The man in the dark cloak smiled and in a comforting voice said “And so you shall, darling child.” The man in the cloak was a necromancer of no mean power named Rorick.

He adopted Shar and loved her as his own child, teaching her what he knew of the power of life and death. Shar began to create pets from dead cats she found on the streets. Rorick wanted to scold her for drawing attention to them, but he was proud of her and loved her.

Eventually their experiments could no longer be practiced in the city so they left the city and created a home in the forest outside Eastfort.

There their powers and knowledge grew until Shar’s powers outgrew Rorick around the age of 16. “I think you are ready my child. I have taught you all I know and in many ways you have surpassed me. Do remember what I asked you that day I took you from the orphanage? Do you remember what you said you would do to get your parents back?”

Shar nodded and replied “Yes. I remember.”

Rorick smiled and said, “For many years, I have been gathering information on the bandits that took your parents from you. I have waited until I thought you ready to do something about it. I think you are ready. This are my final gifts to you.”

Rorick went to his desk and pulled out a worn ledger and a silver bracelet with a large moonstone. “Many are dead, but enough still live to seek a satisfying revenge. Seek your vengeance my child. I am old and my days are few. I love you, but you will soon be an orphan again. Your parents can’t be brought to life again by our power without mocking what they were. Make peace with that and make peace with the death of their murderers. The ledger is for knowledge. The bracelet is my love and protection.”

Shar kissed him on the cheek, gathered her things and the ledger and left that night. Over the next year Shar exacted a bloody toll on the bandits in the kingdom of Stoneport. From Summermore to Irondale, her reputation grew as a dark defender of the innocent and the destroyer of bandits.

She eventually gained the attention of the crown and was granted a commission as a bounty hunter and marshall of the kingdom.

Shar answered the call of the Arcane Academy and imbued her magical bracelet with the banishment spell created to rid Sul-el of Ruin. Her horde of undead armies helped stem the tide of Ruin’s hordes of abominations.

After the war with Ruin was finished she retired and made a home in Stonepoint where she lived out her running and orphanage and training children in the arcane arts. Some say she passed down the bracelet to one of her orphans, but that’s just a story.


Once per day COMMAND WORD: “Protect”  Casts simultaneously:

  • Mage Armor
  • Blur
  • Fire Shield
  • Resist all elemental damage 10 for 1 minute
  • Damage reduction 5 for 1 minute


  • Cast Shield once per day
  • Cast Wall of Force once per day
  • Cast Invisibility once per day

REQUIREMENT – Must be able to cast 9th level spells

  • Cast Banishment at 9th level – DC 25 once per year. Instead of targeting multiple creatures, the spell banishes the target permanently to the Abyssal plane. Must be able to cast 9th level wizard spells.


Ring of Planes
Taluviel Sulveina, one of The Saviors, forged this ring in the days before the final battle with the dread ancient dragon.
Amulet of Dominion
The Amulet of Dominion was created by the dwarven artificer and enchanter Yurel Ironstaff.
Helm of the Overwatch
The Helm of the Overwatch was created by the dragonborn diviner and Watcher of the North, Vora Icescale.
Girdle of Heroes
The Girdle of Heroes was created by one of the few half-orc wizards of any renown, the abjurer and Eldritch warrior, Borsh Bonebreaker, also called Borsh the Honor Scorched.
Blade of Reproach
The Blade of Reproach was created by the great human evoker, battlemage and in later years, court wizard of Gressen, Goaleth Tet.
Bracers of Vorne
The Bracers of Vorne were created by the half elf conjurer Mage General Maxim Westhold.
Veil of Shadow
The Veil of Shadow is a bracelet created by the powerful tiefling necromancer, Shar Shantain.
Staff of Sundering
The Staff of Sundering was created by the dark elf transmuter, Draxis The Dark.
Boots of Feydale
The boots of Feydale were created by the elven enchanter Elisian Silverbow.
Gambler’s Coin
The Gambler’s Coin was created by the powerful halfing diviner Merrick the Lucky.
Rod of Wonder
The Rod of Wonder is an artifact created by the human Wild Magic Wizard Lum the Mad. Legends say Lum was obsessed with probability and chaos.
Band of Mirrors
The Band of Mirrors was created by the powerful gnome illusionist Tanlin Sayer.