The Staff of Sundering was created by the dark elf transmuter, Draxis The Dark.
Draxis was a powerful wizard that left the Underdark at the early age of 50 to be free of the matriarchy of the Drow.

Being a male and a wizard left him in a dangerous position. More powerful than the priestess and not wanting to be controlled, he set out for the surface.
Draxis had a good heart and soon overcame the prejudices of the surface folk of Mountain Hold by magically increasing their crops and even making flowers bloom in the dead of winter.

When the storm giants from the north threatened the kingdom, he created the Staff of Sundering to slow their advance by creating avalanches to close the mountain pass from the frozen north.

Draxis was declared a hero of Mountain Hold and no one could dare challenge his courage or allegiance to Mountain Hold.

When the call went out to gather the most powerful wizard in Sul-el – Draxis jumped at the chance to prove his worth.

He grabbed his staff and set out for glory. After the battle with Ruin, Draxis returned to his home of Mountain Hold and spent many decades protecting his the city from the abominations of the north and taking many apprentices to train them how to do the same.

Word reached the Underdark and many Drow found their way to refuge in Mountain Hold. To this day, the city has the highest population of Drow on the surface of Sul-el.

+1 to all CON based checks and saves
Advantage on concentration checks
+2 to attack, 2d6 dmg +2, crits on 19-20 when used as a weapon

Cast Erupting Earth once per day
Cast Passwall once per day
Cast Investiture of Flame, Ice, Stone or Wind once per day.
Cast Move Earth 60 feet once per day
Cast Shapechange once per day

Cast Banishment at 9th level – DC 25 once per year. Instead of targeting multiple creatures, the spell banishes the target permanently to the Abyssal plane. Must be able to cast 9th level wizard spells.


Ring of Planes
Taluviel Sulveina, one of The Saviors, forged this ring in the days before the final battle with the dread ancient dragon.
Amulet of Dominion
The Amulet of Dominion was created by the dwarven artificer and enchanter Yurel Ironstaff.
Helm of the Overwatch
The Helm of the Overwatch was created by the dragonborn diviner and Watcher of the North, Vora Icescale.
Girdle of Heroes
The Girdle of Heroes was created by one of the few half-orc wizards of any renown, the abjurer and Eldritch warrior, Borsh Bonebreaker, also called Borsh the Honor Scorched.
Blade of Reproach
The Blade of Reproach was created by the great human evoker, battlemage and in later years, court wizard of Gressen, Goaleth Tet.
Bracers of Vorne
The Bracers of Vorne were created by the half elf conjurer Mage General Maxim Westhold.
Veil of Shadow
The Veil of Shadow is a bracelet created by the powerful tiefling necromancer, Shar Shantain.
Staff of Sundering
The Staff of Sundering was created by the dark elf transmuter, Draxis The Dark.
Boots of Feydale
The boots of Feydale were created by the elven enchanter Elisian Silverbow.
Gambler’s Coin
The Gambler’s Coin was created by the powerful halfing diviner Merrick the Lucky.
Rod of Wonder
The Rod of Wonder is an artifact created by the human Wild Magic Wizard Lum the Mad. Legends say Lum was obsessed with probability and chaos.
Band of Mirrors
The Band of Mirrors was created by the powerful gnome illusionist Tanlin Sayer.