Cala as we know it today was founded in 20 A.R. (After Ruinaxis) 3100 years ago.

The country was original founded as Freeport and the name later changed under the mayorship of Cala Reese after the Goblin War of 1025 A.R.

Many nations were broken in the fight against Ruinaxis. In the power vacuum proceeding the fall of Ruinaxis a group of powerful merchants led by Tobaias Sulveina and an army of mercenaries took over the land once ruled by Lusk, the ancient country of what is modern day Luskain. Although its geography was highly desirable, it was ruled by Lusk in name only. That’s because the land was overrun by the aberration races. Those races followed Ruinaxis and were eventually crushed by the Allied Nations. Lusk was so drained by the end of the war against Ruinaxis that it did not have the resources to govern the land.
Tobaias seized the opportunity by borrowing money from Allied nations, took their money and raised a mercenary army, and took the land from under Lusk’s nose. Luskain still has a debt of 50,000 GP in their ledgers owed by Tobaias, but that will never be paid. Lusk fought two wars to retake the territory in Freeports infancy, but were thwarted both times in decisive battles.

In the years after its founding the country, the country entered into a novel contract with its citizens. Meritocracy. Those who were talented and gained power through their riches were granted power. Hence, the Council. A group of the wealthiest and landed people in Freeport. Unlikely most countries, breeding and titles didn’t matter. Power was based on wealth and landownership.

Merchants, artisans, and workers flocked to the country to make their way and gain power.

Freeport was beseiged by goblins in 1025 A.R. Their goal was to retake the land of their ancestors. They were led by the Goblin King Ghorsh with promises of riches and retaking their ancestoral home. The goblin army was crush after only 3 months by the armies of Freeport and Maralesh. The city was renamed in honor of Mayor Cala Reese.
To this day Maralesh and Cala enjoy friendly relations because of this war.


The city of Cala is a border town in every sense of the word. It connects the continents of Dolmay in the west and Yuresh in the east.

It is also connects two powerful countries. Maralesh to the west and Luskain to the east.

Cala is a port city as it has the ocean to the north and to the south.


Cala is also known as the Golden Path and has a road of the same name.

Goods moving from the south to the north have little choice but dock at Cala, and move their goods to the opposite port via the Dock Road.

This shipping traffic has made the country rich from custom fees and transportation fees as shippers have few alternatives.


Cala is ran by a Mayor and the Council. They would not be so presumptuous as to have a king as they country could be consider little more than a really large city.

The mayorship has largely been hereditary, not that it has been passed down so much as good stewardship, although others say it is corruption. The mayor is chosen by the Council and serves until death or resignation.

The current mayor is Tobin Reese. He is a decendant of Taluviel Sulveina, one of The Saviors who banished the dragon Ruinaxis.

The Council is made up of 100 of the most powerful people in Cala. Power is determined by wealth and land ownership.