The Ring of Planes, also known as the Ring of Taluviel Sulveina is an artifact used in conjunction with 11 other powerful artifacts used by The Saviors to banish Ruinaxis to the Abyssal Plane.

It is said that Taluviel Sulveina, one of The Saviors, forged this ring in the days before the final battle with the dread ancient dragon.

Arcane historians and the apprentices of Sulvenia have said the ring’s major function was to cast a powerful version of the banishment spell in conjunction with the other 11 artifacts of The Saviors. However it is also able to plane shift the user and up to 10 will creatures to the Abyssal Plane. It also imbues the wearer with resistance to spells and immunity to forms mind control.

The ring was most recently stolen from the private collection of a descendant of Sulveina, the mayor of Cala, Tobin Reese.

The ring is silver with 3 gem stones.


  • Spell resistance 10%. The player rolls percentage dice and if the roll is 10 or below, the spell has no effect.
  • +2 to all saving throws
  • Immunity to charm, fear, dominate, hold & sleep
  • Plane shift to the Abyssal Plane once per week
  • Cast Banishment once per day – DC 12
  • The wearer gains +2 to Intelligence and Wisdom checks and skills based on those abilities. If INT or WIS modifies a skill, this item will gain a +2 bonus.
  • Requires attunement

The ring is only usable by a magic user who can cast 7th level spells. If the wearer does not meet this requirement, the ring is just a pretty piece of jewelry with no effect.