I’m Mad Cedric Of Mad Cedric’s Discount Goods And Adventurer’s Emporium

Is Your Cleric A Creep?

Is Your Druid In The Dumps?

Try Our Healing Potions!

They Put Pep In Your Step And Get You Back In The Fight

A Healing Potion Will Never Try To Convert You To A God Or Have A Moral Debate With You.

Just Drink It And Feel Better About The Decisions That Led You To Your Current Situation.

And They Taste Great

Try Our New Favors Exclusive To Mad Cedrics Discount Goods And Adventurers Emporuim

Berry Blitz

Melon Melee

And Arctic Chill

Side Effects May Include – Delusions Of Granduer – Increased Risk Of Infection – Drowsiness – Impotence – Red Ache And Bloody Stool – Ask Your Cleric If Healing

Potions Are Right For You.

My Prices Are So Low – I’m Practically Giving This Stuff Away

How Do I Do It?

Don’t Worry About It

Come On In To Mad Cedric’s Discount Goods A Nd Adventurer’s Emporium

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Just Talk To The Town Guard For Directions

Mad Cedric’s Discount Goods And Adventurer’s Emporium

Where The Only Thing Madder Than Me Is The Savings