Thanks for downloading the first episode of the dungeons and debacles podcast. I am Kevin the dungeons master. Before we get started I’d like to take a minute to tell you what to expect out of our show.

We’re a real-play 5e podcast, but we also do some scripted bonus episodes, kind of like a radio drama.

I want to give you an out of game look as to what was left in the player’s wake, to expand the lore and to foreshadow future challenges.

Also – stick around for the end of the episode for fantasy commercials for magical items and services. check them out – they are pretty funny.

I am going to go ahead and apologize now for some early episodes as we were learning how to record this and the production quality isn’t where I would like it.

In another life I was a radio station production director – so I know what I am about. I want this to be immersive and sound great.


I am going to remaster some of them to add music and sound effects.

It takes us about 12 episodes to figure out what works across the internet. If you want to know how the sausage is made – I made the mistake of recording ambient atmosphere in the dialog over roll20.

We got it on lock now. Stick with it. The story is there.

Speaking of story – I have a 200 plus epsiode campaign arc planned right now. We put out an episode every week so this will be a long term commitment to get to the end of the story. We’re up for it and we hope you are too.

Also – we move the plot. There isn’t a lot of bullshitting or random encounters for the sake of fighting something. We digress sometimes if there is something funny – but I keep the editing tight – there isn’t going to be a lot of long pauses while someone looks something up in the players handbook.

This is a homebrew world and you will be able to find details world and city maps on our website – as well as background lore on items and character sheets for the players.

We are also an explicit podcast – that’s because we have potty mouths. If that makes you uncomfortable – I get it – but we aren’t constantly dropping F-bombs but you know how it goes in the heat of getting your ass kicked. You might not want to listen to it with small kids in the room.

Speaking of getting your ass kicked – no player is safe in this podcast.

I have to problem TPKing these assholes if they do something stupid. They will just have to roll new toons.

Not to spoil too much – but listen to episode 15 betrayal. One of our friends – Leo – the dungeon master of the Dungeons and Disorders podcast does a guest spot as an evil boss – and – lets just say things go sideways and the campaign changes dramatically.

Thanks for giving us a chance and leave a review if you like what you hear. It helps more than anything else. You can also give us feedback on Facebook and Twitter – we’d love to hear what you think and ideas for the story, items and monster.

Five strangers are enjoying their meal and entertainment in the common room of the Trade Winds Inn.

Before they know it, they are dragged into a dangerous fight in the border town of Cala when a kobold attack forces them into action.

Sgt. Stonefist with the town guard deputies the “Heroes” to fight an onslaught of kobolds wreaking havock in the southern docks district.


Kevin – DM

John – Tivet the half-elf Rogue

Oliver – Veto the beastfolk barbarian

Caleb – Amanati half-elf warlock

Shane – Alexander human bard

A real-play 5th Edition Dungeons 7 Dragons podcast.