Bastard son of a lower middle class elvish merchant with pretensions of being upper middle class. Unloved, or more importantly unrespected, Amaniti resents his half breed heritage.

A toy maker by profession (resents paying dues to the Woodcarvers Guild) he makes toys for the brats of the wealthy. Amaniti does enjoy making marionettes however.

Pact with Amduscias

Amduscias is a duke in the service of Tiamat, and leads 29 companies of abishai. He lives on Avernus, the first layer of Baator. He is famous for his long memory, and almost as well known for his cunning strategies. He has also earned the moniker “Reconciliator of Foes,” by being a skillful actor and negotiator. Tiamat often employs him to mediate disputes between devils and dragons. Amduscias is also tasked with keeping the Rabble of Devilkin in line. Amduscias is inspired by the real-world Amdusias.